Craig Henry Tennis Club


Each summer (except in 2020), we organize two tournaments for club members: Masters Tournament (50+ year old players) and Open Tournament (18+ year old players). The tournament registration is announced in the club newsletter and on the club website. For a list of club champions, see the Tournaments page.

The tournaments are back in 2022!

The tournaments are organized on the Universal Tennis platform, and the tournament registration, draws, match scheduling and communication will be handled online.


Registering for a club tournament on Universal Tennis is easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Create a free Universal Tennis account (if you don't have one already). Go to and click JOIN. All you need is an email address. Most of your profile information is optional.

  • Go to the Craig Henry Tennis digital club ( and ask to join the club. You will be admitted after the organizers verify that you are a club member with a valid 2022 membership.

  • Under the club events, you will find the tournament, with the categories (divisions) listed on the right-hand side. Chose one category and register. After completing the registration in one category (singles, for example) you can register in another category (such as doubles), as required.

Please read the tournament description. If you register in multiple categories, you might need to play more than one match per day. If you have questions, just message the tournament organizer from your Universal Tennis account or send an email to Have fun!