Craig Henry Tennis Club


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Q: I purchased my membership online. What's next?

A: Go to the club while attendants are on site and pick up your shoe tag/s and key. We're a community club run by volunteers, and it may take us one or two business days to prepare your key and shoe tags after you registered. See the CONTACT page for the attendants' schedule. If it rains, no staff is on site.


Q: Why do I need a key?

A: You need a key to access the courts and practice board when attendants are not on site.


Q: How do I buy a key?

A: You buy your key after purchasing the club membership. The key is not bundled in your membership because: (1) The key is a one-time purchase. You can have it exchanged in the next calendar year for a new key. No key buyback plan is in place. (2) If you lost your key, then you can purchase a replacement online. To buy a key, log in to your account and click the PURCHASE KEY button. There is a limit of 1 key per membership. If you have trouble buying a key, send an email to


Q: Whis is there a limit of 1 key per membership?

A: We're keeping track of the keys to be able to reuse them in subsequent seasons. However, managing the keys is a time-consuming and labour-intensive process. In past seasons, we were confronted by situations in which returning members wanted to have multiple keys per membership exchanged, even though some keys were obviously not issued by the club. The 1 key per membership rule prevents this situation and ensures that only the keys issued by the club are exchanged in the following calendar year.      


Q: Can I pay cash for my club membership?

A: We can accept only online payments due to the COVID-related restrictions. The online membership forms include a waiver that you must acknowledge to be able to get a membership.


Q: Why do I need to book a court to play?

Court booking is mandatory. This is for the club to track contact in case a person who played at the club gets COVID. You can log in to your account and book a court 24 hours before your planned playing time. No drop-ins are allowed. By booking a court, you make sure that there is a court available for you at the time you planned to play.


Q: How much court time I can book?

A: You can book court time in chunks of 30, 60 or 90 minutes. If you want to play multiple times a day, please note that there is a 3-hour cooling-off period between bookings by the same club member. Also, there is a court booking restriction during what we call "Prime Time": from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. you can book only 60 minutes. However, you can book 90 minutes as long as only 60 minutes are inside the "Prime Time". For example, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. or 6:30 to 8:00 p.m., or from 8 to 9:30 p.m. or 8:30 to 10 p.m.


How do I book a court?

  1. On the club website click the LOGIN menu.

  2. Enter your email and password.

  3. On your account page, you will see the Tennis Court Booking panel.

  4. Click Book a Court, and this will take you to an hourly grid. The already booked courts are highlighted. The available courts are not.

  5. Click your preferred start time, and this will take you to the Court Booking form.

  6. You are already selected as Player 1, and need to select a Player 2: start typing the first name of your partner to make the options display, and then select the player name.

  7. Select the Booking Duration - click in the box to view the options: 30, 60 or 90 minutes, and choose one.

  8. Click the big red button BOOK THE COURT.


Q: I have a ball machine. Can I use it at the club?

A: Yes, you can use your ball machine at the club. A couple of restrictions apply: you can use your ball machine only until 5 p.m., and always only on a side court: 1, 4, 5 or 8. When using a ball machine, make sure you manage your balls properly and be mindful of the members who play next to your court. It's good practice to cause as little interference as possible so that the other members can enjoy playing as much as you enjoy hitting with your ball machine. One more thing: when booking a court for a ball machine session, select Ball Machine as Player 2.


Q: I prefer to play late in the evening or at night. Does the club have lights?

A: Yes, the club has lights. We turn the lights on at dusk, and then the lights switch off automatically at 10 p.m. But this might change, as we progress into the season. Please note that the club pays for the power bill, and we would like to have the lights on only for as long as necessary. This is also an environmentally-friendly practice that we apply to avoid lighting empty courts when nobody's playing. Also, the City of Ottawa has a say in the lighting schedule, as we don't have access to the power panel that controls the lights. Make sure you book a court when playing late. If no courts are booked, the lights are not turned on or they are switched off early.


Q: I'm new to the club. How do I meet people to play with?

A: You have two options: (1) Get a free account on Universal Tennis, and ask to join the Craig Henry Tennis digital club digital club. We have an event with 3 divisions based on playing level: Click and Play. Join a division and invite someone to play with; (2) Post a message to Player Connect. Log in to your club account (where you book your court space), and click Player Connect. Make sure you specify your playing level and availability.


Q: Can I take tennis lessons at the Craig Henry Tennis Club?

A: Yes, our club has two of the best tennis pros in the city: Sean Fowler and Rick Valois. Check out their profiles on the LESSONS page, and contact them directly to arrange for tennis lessons.


Q: Are you offering any summer camps at the club?

A: We are still under some COVID restrictions, so it's doubtful we will be offering any summer camps in 2021. You might consider enrolling your kids in group lessons with our tennis pros. Please refer to the LESSONS page and contact a coach directly.


Q: Are racquet stringing services available at the club?

A: Our club has a dedicated racquet stringing specialist. He is working from home and will come to the club to pick up and drop off your racquets. For details, check out the Racquet stringing services page.


Q: Can I bring a guest to the club?

A: Due to the COVID-related restrictions, no guests are allowed at this time.