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Team Tennis

Craig Henry Tennis Club Team Tennis

This is our House League, both competitive and social tennis at their best. There are 4 teams of 4 players each, with each team playing playing the other teams in a round-robin format for the club title. Each team includes 4 players of different levels of play, ranked 1 through 4. The Team Tennis organizers make sure that the teams are balanced and of, roughly, equal skill. But we all know that, in crucial moments, passion, focus and doubles chemistry come through. So skill is a factor, but not always a deciding one. There may be a trial session if more than 16 players register. Speaking of registration, you can sign up for Team Tennis on the early-bird registration weekend, or at the clubhouse thereafter.


2019 champions

The Dragons: Anuj Mittal (captain), Ken Warren, Nickolai Tarbayev, Willi Wetscher