Fall updates

We're entering the last stretch of our season at the club. These are your fall updates:

  • Last day a club attendant is on site: October 3.
  • The lights are on as usual until Thanksgiving Day. Thereafter, we will endeavour to keep the lights on until 9 p.m. for the rest of the month of October. Our volunteers will do their best to come to the club to turn on the lights. Traditionally, the lights are not turned on past Thanskiving Day, but this year is an exception from that rule. We will review and, if required, change the lighting schedule as we progress into the fall, by taking into account the weather conditions and the number of court bookings in the evening. Please note that the club pays the power bill for the court lights.
  • The nets will be kept on for as long as possible. Again, weather is a factor. If the temperatures drop to near zero degrees Celsius consistently, the nets will need to be removed before they get too stiff for proper folding.

Check this page on a regular basis for updates. We hope for good tennis weather in October, but things might change and we'll need to adjust the lighting hours and the net removal plans accordingly.


The number of new COVID-19 cases is picking up in Ottawa. Please follow the City of Ottawa safety guidelines at all times.

  • Physical distancing of 2 m must be respected.
  • Washroom use is permitted for maximum 2 persons at a time. You must wear a mask before entering and while inside.
  • Tennis lessons are allowed, provided that the social distance is maintained.

Court booking is mandatory. This rule is for contact tracking purposes in case of covid cases linked to the club. This is why guests (non members) are NOT allowed to play at the club. When booking a court for doubles, please enter the name of all players. No court booking, no play.


Be sure to check the FAQ page on the club  website. It's under the MEMBERS menu. You can find useful information there. For example, if you need new strings, we have someone who can help you: see the Racquet stringing services page. Also, just added, detailed steps on how to book a court, if you need a refresher.


If you are experiencing COVID-like symptoms, seek medical attention immediately. Do not come to the club to play.