Craig Henry Tennis Club

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Q: I purchased my membership online. What's next?
A: Wait a day or two and then go to the club while attendants are on site to pick up your shoe tag/s and key. See the CONTACT page for the attendants' schedule. If it rains, no staff is on site.

Q: Can I pay cash for my club membership?
A: We accept only online payments due to the COVID-related restrictions. The online membership forms include a waiver that you must acknowledge to be able to get a membership.

Q: Why do I need a key?
A: You need a key to access the courts and practice board when attendants are not on site.

Q: How do I buy a key?
A: You buy your key after purchasing the club membership. The key is not bundled in your membership because: (1) The key is a one-time purchase. You can have it exchanged in the next calendar year for a new key. No key buyback plan is in place. (2) If you lost your key, then you can purchase a replacement online.

Q: What can you tell me about court booking?
Court booking is mandatory. You can log in to your account and book a court 24 hours before your planned playing time. No drop-ins are allowed. This is for the club to track contact in case a person who played at the club gets COVID.