Craig Henry Tennis Club

About the Club

We are located in the Craig Henry Park. The club has 8 hard courts, open from May to September 30. The lights are turned on at dusk, and will switch off automatically at 11 p.m. Our court monitors/attendants are responsible for turning the court lights on during their regularly scheduled shift when courts are booked after 8 pm, and the lights will turn off automatically at 11 pm. Please keep in mind that we do not have the manpower to service individual requests to turn lights on when the attendant has either not shown up or has gone home due to rain. In the month of October, we do not employ attendants so the lights will not be turned on unless a director of the Club is booked to play and the online booking schedule reflects a minimum of 3 court bookings at 8 p.m.

The Craig Henry Tennis Club is a member of the Ontario Tennis Association and the National Capital Tennis Association.


Reference information

 Club CharterCode of Conduct | Tennis Etiquette | Tennis Canada Rules of the Court 2019 (PDF)

Meet our team


The club is managed by a group of volunteers elected by the club AGM:

  • Kirsty Giles, President - General club lead, NCTA/OTA liaison, Coaching management, HR, Facilities, Assets
  • Lorna Giles, Treasurer - Finances, Accounting, Banking, Payroll
  • Annie Creighton, Director - Monitors
  • Adrian Costea, Director - Online registration support, Website, Tournament organizer, Ladder support
  • Ajoy Ghosh, Director - member email liaison
  • David Large, Director - Club Promotion, Marketing

If you want to volunteer and join the club executive team, please let us know and we’ll guide you through the process. First you need to do some volunteer work with the club to demonstrate your ability and willingness.



The staff members are responsible for the day-to-day work at the club: court bookings, court monitoring, running social activities, interacting with club members, managing the use of club assets, and so on. The attendants this season are Isaac Jensen Large and Christian Morrison-Healey.

Our monitors are young people who are working hard to improve your tennis experience at the club. We appreciate their contribution to the club. This is probably their most important job so far. Let's treat them with respect. We request members further respect our attendants and facilities by picking up after themselves.

We are always looking for good candidates for part-time monitor positions with the club. If you want to join us, please send your resume or bio profile to



We appreciate the help of the volunteers who made significant contributions to the club this season. A big Thank You to the morning group and to Rob Dickie!