Craig Henry Tennis Club

Online Registration Support

How to renew your membership online

Use the information provided here to renew your membership online. If you get stuck or encounter any problems, send an email to

If you don't remember your account password anymore, click the Forgot Password? link to have a temporary password sent to your email address. Make sure you replace it with a password of your choice after you log in.


OK, so you logged in to your club member account using your email address and password. You're now on the first page of your Account Profile/Registration Form.


  1. If a Promo Code is in effect, enter it in the Promo Code box. Click Save & Next. The Address page is displayed.
  2. Review your address and update it, if required. Click Save & Next. The Phone/Emergency page is displayed.
  3. Review your Phone/Emergency info and update it, if required. Click Save & Next. The Picture Use page is displayed.
  4. Read the picture use agreement and select the check box to confirm. Click Save & Next. The Legal Agreement page is displayed.
  5. Read the legal agreement and select the check box to confirm. Click Save & Next. The Registration Confirmation page is displayed.
  6. Review the information and edit it, if required. Your total payment is displayed at the bottom of the page.
    Note: If the payment amount was not discounted by the promo code amount, click the Back button multiple times to return to the first page and verify that you typed in the Promo Code correctly. Then click Save & Next multiple times until you get to the Registration Confirmation page again and finalize your membership renewal.
  7. Click Confirm and Submit. The Membership Fees page opens. This is where you start making the payment.
  8. Click on the Pay By Credit Card button. The Payment Information page opens.
  9. Fill out your credit card information and click on Submit Payment. Your payment is processed, and the Payment Receipt page opens.
  10. Click on Download PDF Receipt to get a payment receipt.

Bring the receipt to the club when the club house is open (on April 13 or after May 1) to have your court access key replaced.

Congratulations! You just renewed your membership with the Craig Henry Tennis Club!